Design & development websites

All the websites I design are bespoke, therefor you can be sure that not only you will receive a beautiful and clean looking website, it will also be one of a kind.

I am working with Foundation as a frame work for the front-end, so your website will look and function perfectly on any device or any screen size. As for the back-end I am using SilverStripe, as it is very compatible and it gives me a lot of freedom to control the look of the system, so you will receive a user friendly content management system.


Graphic Design & Brand development

Developing a strong and cohesive brand identity is crucial for today’s businesses.I design an integrated visual identity for your company that truly encapsulates your brand, differentiates you from your competition, and makes a lasting impression on your audience. I make sure to give you all the tools to maintain your uniform visual brand throughout all channels.


eCommerce design & development

I custom-build attractive, user-friendly web stores that are designed to significantly increase your sales. I take great pride in designing every detail of the web store to be beautiful and intuitive.

I like to use Shopify as a platform as it is reliable and has a seamless payment and system.




I have created some highly effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Whether it’s digitally based like a social media campaign, micro-site or a cross-platform solution, I can design campaigns that generate real measurable results. Facebook apps, banners, micro-sites, landing pages, projection mapping for events. Whatever digital or design assets you need for your marketing campaigns, I've got you covered.




Whether you need promotional flyers, brochures or business cards for your brand, I can design modern print solutions that give you an edge over the competition day in and day out.

I've got years of experience and can create custom made icons that will be unique for your needs.


Motion Graphics & Video Editing Production

Today, motion graphics are everywhere you look. You can use them in your marketing message to drive a presentation, website, or advertising promotion.

I offer professional motion graphic services including logo animation, multimedia video creation, promotional website videos, editing, composting, television adverts and projections.