Lexus Projection

A projection mapping on top of a Lexus for the launch of  the GS model in NZ.

We wrapped the car with white Lycra and with the use of four projectors (on the car and the screen behind) we made the car a center piece in this unique montage piece.

This was a very fast project, 5 days from start to finish as we were approached after another agency failed to deliver.

Visual Crew:

Jon Baxter
Puck Murphy
Matt Pitt
Liana van Rensburg
Dvir Gilboa

Sound lay up and effects
Mike Hodgson

Conceptualisation & Technical Design
Spyglass Group Ltd, Scott Davis

Creative Producer
Tammy Cheung

Spyglass Crew (Projection & Playback)
Phil Lovell, Paul Stephenson, Dylan Graham, Siti